The results were so amazing that we began to examine our own way of eating.  We then started making changes in our diets adopting more of a plant based lifestyle.  It was hard at first - cutting out meat was really not as hard as we thought, but the cheese.  Oh the cheese.  A love affair that stood the test of time, the idea of giving it up seemed hopeless.  On a mission, we set out into stores to see what was out there and we were thrilled to see so many great products in the market place and Canadian companies at that.  As we ate our way around the vegan cheese selection, we noticed that most of the products were made with nuts, which restricted the option of us sending our kids to school with one of their fave snacks - cheese and crackers.  It wasn’t that they didn’t like the product, they just can’t take it to school.  With that in mind, Dale set out with an idea.  With his 20 plus years in the dairy industry and his cheesemaking certificate in hand, he set out to learn as much as he could about vegan cheese making and began experimenting at home.

When Dale first came up with the idea of making vegan cheese I automatically assumed he would make it with cashews, since that was the most popular way of making it.  When he told me he was going to make it with seeds, I thought he was NUTS! (did you see what I did there LOL) He not only wanted to make something that was unique and currently not offered in stores, but more importantly wanted to make something that our kids could take to school.  With so many kids and nut allergies, our goal then became to create an item that was not only nut free, but free from as many allergens as possible.  He set out to on a mission to find the right seeds to use and with another goal of using Canadian grown seeds. After some research, Sunflower seeds became the obvious option.  Well, trial and error and lots of sampling and 59 batches later, our Humble Seedz Vegan Cream Cheese was born. Later that spring, April 2018 we incorporated our business, began working on flavours and labels and set out to start with farmers markets and Vegfest across the province to see what people thought of our little idea.  The response was amazing and really more than we could have asked for.  With this knowledge and excitement, we jumped in feet first and hit the street running.  We purchased a small van and equipped it with our hybrid refrigeration unit and starting selling to local stores. You can find all three of our products in retail stores across the province and hope to ship across Canada one day.  

People often ask us why how we can about choosing our company name and to us it was simple.  We both came from very humble beginnings, my parents Portuguese immigrants and my in laws both raised in the country, we believe all good things come from humble beginnings.

Our passion is to make healthy, wholesome and quality products, using locally sourced ingredients that we are proud to feed our family and yours.  

Artisan Crafted, Cheese Inspired.

Dale and Liz Long